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Organic Lingzhi Complex
Fight Fatigue & Strengthen Your Immunity

Create a robust and healthy internal system to live well. Start on our premium 1600mg Organic Lingzhi Complex to enhance your body’s ability to combat illness, work tiredness and unhealthy oxidant build up.

Premium Organic Lingzhi

Being USDA, JAS, ECOCert, Halal and Kosher certified, our lingzhi cultivation and processing methods adhere to the strictest American, European and Japanese standards for organic cultivation, manufacturing and packing. Each Lingzhi is cultivated using an entire organic wood log in rich, pollutant-free soil of the Wuyi Mountains. This detail to cultivation is our commitment to quality.

US Department of Agriculture Organic Cultivation Certification


European Organic Food Cultivation Certification


Japanese Organic Food Safety Certification


People Republic Of China Organic Certification


KOSHER Food Certification


Halal Food Certification

Our Organic Cultivation Techniques

We produce all natural Lingzhi that is robust and of high quality for processing. This happens through a single log seeding process. In addition, we also use organic soil and water for agricultural cultivation.
Natural Logs
Nutrient Rich Organic Logs

Organically certified logs are used in the farming process for Lingzhi production. To ensure optimal growth, one stem of Lingzhi is cultivated per log. This ensures that the young Lingzhi can thrive in a nutrient rich environment.

Natural Soil
Perfectly Balanced Soil PH

PH values of soil and bacterial count is an important factor in our cultivation. This prevents unwanted pests and protects the health of the Lingzhi. Additionally, the soil must allow for sufficient drainage to enable water runoff and prevent pooling.

Natural Water
Purest Mountain Waters

Spring water is a crucial for Lingzhi nourishment. High quality water without trace contaminants create a fertile environment for growth. The purity of water also moderates the PH content in the soil, helping the young Lingzhi to flourish.

Lingzhi The King of Medicine

Join us in this journey to learn about Lingzhi. Understand the science behind Lingzhi and learn why it has been called the “King of Medicine”.
Traditional Chinese Medicine

According to the Shen Nung Ben Cao Jing (206 BC-AD 8) ling zhi was described as a superior medicinal agent [shang pin]. The superior herbs were among the most highly regarded of all medicines as they were considered to prolong life, prevent aging, boost qi, make the body light and limber, and corresponded to heaven. Specifically, red reishi was reported to treat binding in the chest, tonify the heart, nourish the center, sharpen the wit, and improve memory. In addition to its physical properties, reishi was said to “cultivate virtue”. Additionally, reishi can be used for disturbed and restless shen, deficient blood and qi, insomnia due to disturbed shen, coughing and wheezing, and chronic asthma.

Harvesting Lingzhi

What active ingredients are harvested in LIngzhi?
What is harvested from Lingzhi?

The Fruiting Body and Spores are commonly harvested in cultivation due to the potency of nutrients that are found within.

Why Our Organic Lingzhi?

Superior Quality, High Polysaccharides Concentration & Faster Absorption
Patented Extraction Methods
Superior Quality

Our Lingzhi is individually cultivated using organic logs in the pollutant free Wuyi Mountains. It is constantly pruned and then harvested at its fullest maturity. Lingzhi spores are eventually cracked through our patented freeze dried technology for maximum extraction.

Polysaccharides & Triterpenes
High Concentration

Based on our proprietary research, our Organic Lingzhi Complex is made from a blend of Polysaccharides and Triterpenes that is suitable for daily consumption. You'll notice that our dosage is generally higher than that of typically off-the-shelve products which means more beneficial nutrients for your body.

Faster Absorption
Powdered Form

Powdered form allows you to maximise adoption into your body. Encapsulated pills are produced from gelatine or starch which interferes with nutrient absorption in your gut. For best effect, our Organic Lingzhi Complex is best taken in prior to having meals.

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Organic Lingzhi
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